I am proud to announce these endorsements for my campaign. I have worked with these community leaders on many projects over the years:

Ventura County Reporter
U.S. Congresswoman Julia Brownley
State Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma
State Senator Henry Stern
Assemblymember Monique Limon
Former State Senator Fran Pavley
Former Assemblymember Pedro Nava
Steve Bennett, Ventura County Board of Supervisors
John Zaragoza, Ventura County Board of Supervisors
Erik Nasarenko, Ventura City Councilmember
Christy Weir, Ventura City Councilmember
Brian Brennan, former Ventura Mayor
Greg Carson, former Ventura Mayor
Todd Collart, former Ventura City Councilmember
Ed Summers, former Ventura City Councilmember
Carmen Ramirez, Oxnard Mayor Pro Tem
Janice Parvin, Mayor of Moorpark
Roseann Mikos, Moorpark City Councilmember
David Pollock, Moorpark City Councilmember
Mary Haffner, Ventura Unified Board of Education
Velma Lomax, Ventura Unified Board of Education
Sabrena Rodriguez, Ventura Unified Board of Education
Trudy Arriaga, former Ventura Unified Superintendent
Debbie Golden, former member, Ventura Unified Board of Education
Rachel Ulrich, President, Ventura County Board of Education
Betsy Connolly, Conejo Valley Unified Board of Education
Denis O’Leary, Oxnard School District Board of Education
Mark Abbe, Ventura Planning Commission
Kathy Bremer, Chair, Ventura Parks and Recreation Commission
Jenise Wagar-Hernandez, Vice Chair, Ventura Parks and Recreation Commission
Kenneth May, Chair, Ventura Cultural Affairs Commission
Brian McDonald, Ventura Cultural Affairs Commission
Banks Pecht, Vice Chair, Ventura Cultural Affairs Commission
Deborah Walsh, Ventura Cultural Affairs Commission
Raúl Zapata, Ventura Cultural Affairs Commission
Nancy Pederson, Chair, Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau Board
Suz Montgomery, Chair, Ventura Council of Seniors
Dave Armstrong, President, Downtown Ventura Partners
Emma Armstrong, President, Ventura County Ballet
Barbara Quaid, CEO, Ventura County Fairgrounds
Lou Cunningham, Chair, Ventura Mobile Home Rent Review Board
Diana Sparagna, Ventura Mobile Home Rent Review Board
Norene Charnofsky, East Side Community Council
Sharon Troll, Westside Community Council
Lori Steinhauer, Westside Community Council
Judy Alexandre, Ventura Social Services Task Force
Susan Jordan, California Coastal Protection Network
Josh Addison, founder, Bell Arts Factory*
Steve Treanor, former Southern Division Chief, CA State Parks
Mary Anne Rooney, President, Oxnard Harbor District Board
Jason Hodge, Commissioner, Oxnard Harbor District Board
Bob Handy, President, Veterans United for Truth*
Laurie Curtis-Abbe
Kathy Asher
Connie Baer
Stephanie Becerra
Pattie Braga
Karyl Lynn Burns
Ed W. Campbell, AIA
Patti Channer
Betsy Chess
Jason Collis
Nina Danza
Lorenzo DeStefano
Merle DiVita
Debbie Fox
Kim and Larry Frager
Martel Fraser
Melissa and Justin Frazier
Heidi Golff
Karen Haggerty
MB Hanrahan
Rose Hayden-Smith
Jim Hines
Eleni Kounalakis
Lisa Kuklenski
Carol Lindberg
Paul Lindhard
Dave and Karen Lombardi
Lorraine MacDonald
Ken and Sheri Oelschlager
Claudia Pardo
Andy Pavley
Mary Perez
Dina Pielaet
Sue Pollack
Eileen Riddle
Cathy Santana
Janis Schmutte
Richard Senate
Hal and Nina Slade
Nahed Stephany
Amy Vaglica
Marilyn Valenzuela
Leo Valenzuela
Melissa Wantz
Ed Wehan
Lynn Weitzel
Celeste Weingardt
Doug Wood

These organizations have endorsed my campaign:
SEIU 721, the city’s rank and file workers
Ventura Citizens for Hillside Preservation
Ventura County Women’s Political Council
Ventura County Democratic Party
CAUSE Action Fund
Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund
Gold Coast Carpenters Local 805

*for identification purposes only