You need to live in an area to understand its needs. As a 32-year resident of the east end, I know my community well. We have not had an east Ventura resident on the council in many years and that lack of focus has left us without an advocate for our issues. Traffic has worsened, development has been rapid, our area is not well served by commercial centers and our children travel a long way to get to middle and high schools. Our neighborhoods are not connected. But still we love east Ventura as a great place to live and raise a family.

I want to bring public service back into fashion. Too often politics at all levels has been about winning and not about serving the needs of the people who we are entrusted to represent. I have devoted my life to public service on both the local and state level as a deputy district director for the State Senate, a field representative for the Assembly, a City of Ventura commissioner, a public relations professional advocating for local businesses, and a community problem solver through many non profits. I have a firm grasp of the policies which affect our cities, and my work in three counties has broadened my reach and understanding of how other communities operate.

As we transition to district elections, it is also important to have leaders who have worked with people all over the city. The decisions we make will affect everyone, and not just our respective areas.

I hope you can use this website as a resource on issues. If elected, I plan to put up another site for District 5 and blog frequently. Government needs to be transparent and information easy to find. I want to hear YOUR stories. Please contact me at or leave a message at (805) 826-3415.